Are you looking for an affordable way to cool your home? An electric fan is what you need.

Whether you’re using a pedestal fan, tower fan or floor fan, here are 3 mistakes to avoid to ensure that you can maximise your electric fan for optimal cooling.

Not cleaning your fan regularly

Make sure you regularly clean your fan. Although electric fans are low maintenance, dust and dirt can accumulate over time and clog the motor and vents, leading to poor air quality. You can schedule a regular fan cleaning or quickly clean the blades and vacuum the dust for optimal cooling.

Placing your fan at the wrong location

Placing your fan at the wrong location in your house prevents it from doing its job. To maximise your fan’s efficiency, it’s important to place it in the right spot in your house. For instance, you can place a standing fan next to an open window to drive in cooler air from the outside.

Running your fan for too long

Avoid running your fan for too long. Although electric fans are designed to run for long hours, leaving it on for extended periods can cause overheating. If you need to sleep with a fan on, consider a fan with a timer. Excelsior’s tower fan even includes an ioniser function for air purification!

Remember these tips so you can enjoy a cool comfortable home with your electric fan.

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