As winter approaches, it’s vital to discover the ideal outdoor heating solution that ensures comfort and elevates your enjoyment of the outdoor space. Enter the Excelsior outdoor heaters! Equipped with top-notch quality and innovative features, they’re a perfect choice for transforming your outdoor area.

If these three reasons won’t convince you that our Excelsior outdoor heaters reign as the ultimate option, we don’t know what will.

Superior Heating Performance

Experience unmatched heating performance with our exceptional range of outdoor heaters. Their impressive power usage of up to 3.0kW will ensure optimal heat output even in the harshest winter conditions. With adjustable heat settings and precise heat distribution, every corner of your alfresco area will be enveloped in comforting warmth. Bid farewell to shivers and embrace the outdoors with confidence.

Energy Efficiency

Our outdoor heaters are known not only for their superior performance but also for energy efficiency. They are designed to endure with their robust construction and premium materials, ensuring longevity and minimising the need for frequent replacements and costly maintenance. Additionally, their energy efficiency is enhanced by the convenient shut-off timer feature, automatically powering down the heater after a predetermined duration, avoiding unnecessary energy consumption. 

Stylish Designs

Excelsior’s outdoor heaters offer the ideal fusion of functionality and style. Their sleek and elegant designs effortlessly complement any space, whether your home’s alfresco area is contemporary or classic. Not only do these thoughtfully crafted designs enhance the aesthetics of your outdoor space, but they also create an inviting atmosphere for both you and your guests to enjoy.

Be it a lively gathering or a relaxed evening outdoors, our outdoor heaters guarantee reliable and efficient heating. With Excelsior, you can elevate the ambiance of your outdoor area while ensuring optimum warmth and comfort.

Level up your outdoor entertaining with Excelsior!

Excelsior products, incorporating Excelair and Excelsior product ranges, have been in the Australian market since 2014. Our products such as tower fans, portable air conditioners, outdoor heaters, and BBQs and Rangehoods are designed to enhance our customer’s lives whether inside their homes or backyard.

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