Having an outdoor kitchen is a great way to entertain and socialise with your guests in the comfort of your own home. On top of decking out your outdoor kitchen with the relevant kitchen appliances, it’s also really important to install a rangehood to make your kitchen fully functional. Here are some reasons why you should invest in a quality rangehood.

Maintains air quality

During and after cooking on the BBQ, rangehoods come into effect by filtering out excess heat, nasty odours and smoke to assist in maintaining a fresh air environment. A rangehood will also assist in filtering out smoke-filled air in your cooking space.

Helps maintain a clean outdoor kitchen

Without the help of a rangehood, and the time invested in regularly cleaning your outdoor kitchen after cooking, grease and grime will likely build up. A rangehood works to extract airborne particles from cooking, like smoke and grease, to help keep your outdoor kitchen appliances and surfaces in top condition. Installing a quality rangehood will also help to prevent discolouration of your outdoor kitchen surfaces often caused by grease. Please note that a rangehood alone won’t prevent the build up of grime, however it is important in conjunction with regular maintenance & cleaning.

The perfect complement to your outdoor kitchen

Excelsior’s line of rangehood products not only provide quality rangehoods suited for outdoor kitchens, but they also complement any outdoor entertaining area with their sleek and modern designs, and most of all, provide the functionality you need so you can cook with no worries! 

Level up your Outdoor BBQ Experience with Excelsior!

Excelsior products, incorporating Excelair and Excelsior product ranges, have been in the Australian market since 2014. Our products such as tower fans, portable air conditioners, outdoor heaters, and BBQs and Rangehoods are designed to enhance our customer’s lives whether inside their homes or backyard.

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