Buying a portable AC is the best way to beat the heat. Many homes have built-in air conditioning systems only in one room, like the living room or the master bedroom. Ideally if you want to cool every corner of your house, you should invest in a portable air con.

With plenty of options available on the market, it’s easy to get confused and spend hours sussing out the best option for you. To make this process easier, we’ve rounded up some tips for selecting the right portable AC for your home. 

Check the Cooling Capacity

Portable aircons usually come with different cooling capacities. Choosing a product that offers the right cooling capacity ensures your space is cooled down to your desired temperature. Excelsior’s range of portable air conditioners are ideal for both apartment and house living and comes with a lot of features to suit your needs. 

Additional Features are Important 

Different portable air cons come with different features and depending on your lifestyle, you can choose the one that meets your needs. Our portable air conditioners come with a variety of features such as dehumidifier, auto evaporation system, sleep function, antibacterial water tray, built-in energy saving device and LCD touch control panel with sleep function. 

Size Matters

The size of the portable AC matters the most when it comes to cooling your space. If it’s too small, your space might not cool down enough and if it’s too big, it’ll block your space and cool it too much. The main purpose of portable air conditioners is to provide effective cooling to spaces without access to permanent air conditioning or even areas that simply need supplemental cooling. Depending on the size of your home, you can choose from our range of portable ACs available in multiple sizes.  

Excelsior products, incorporating Excelair and Excelsior product ranges, have been in the Australian market since 2014. Our products such as tower fans, portable air conditioners, outdoor heaters, and BBQs and Rangehoods are designed to enhance our customers’ lives whether inside their homes or backyard.